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Our Dentistry Services in Yaletown

Here at Asante Dental Centre, we provide a wide variety of dental services in Yaletown, Vancouver ranging from teeth cleaning to dental implants to tooth extractions. You can count on our team of to make your experience at our Yaletown dentistry a positive one. If you’re worried about the pain associated with going to the dentist, we use lasers to drill out decay instead of traditional drills. In a lot of cases where laser is used, we may not even need any freezing. This leads to a decreased amount of pain, and it allows for the least amount of tooth to be removed.

Lasers at Asante Dental Centre aren’t just useful for fillings. They’re useful for healing infected areas like cold sores as well as for desensitizing teeth that are sensitive to cold. Additionally, lasers have the ability to be used in gum surgeries. Technology has advanced the way we examine your teeth as well. We can even use a laser called DIAGNOdent to check your teeth for cavities.

Relax at Our Yaletown Dentist Office

We’re not just for adults either. Our team works well with children, especially due to the fact that our laser treatments make going to the dentist a not-so scary experience. So if you’re looking for a dental office in the Yaletown area, then call us today at 604-224-6262 to book your appointment and start experiencing the Asante Dental difference yourself.