Why are Digital Dental X-rays Better?
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Why are Digital Dental X-rays Better?

Dental health is very important since it can influence the entire health of your body. Therefore, it is essential to maintain good oral hygiene to protect the oral cavity from harmful organisms.

However, despite our best efforts, problems may occur in the mouth which need to be treated.  Dental imaging, popularly known as digital dental X-rays, is a powerful technique to diagnose and treat various tooth and gum infections.

If you have symptoms of dental problems such as toothache, bleeding, or swollen gums, visit a dentist near Burnaby, BC.

Asante Dental Centre is a New Westminster dental clinic, and they provide digital dental X-rays. New Westminster dental X-rays are taken by well qualified staff and diagnosed by dentists.

How Do They Work?

Unlike conventional dental x-rays, the digital ones use electronic sensors to produce images quickly. The process involves sensitive plates that capture a high-quality picture inside your mouth and makes it visible to the dentist on a computer screen. The dentist is thereby to examine your mouth and diagnose existing problems closely. Digital images are easy to store, retrieve, and access.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

  • Provides high-quality images

Digital dental X-rays have a high resolution and can capture HD photos of the mouth compared to the lower-resolution images taken by some traditional X-rays.

Additionally, you can zoom in and out on the high-resolution images to enlarge viewing options and increase visibility, which is essential in identifying potential problems. Traditional film x-rays are only viewed in their actual size, thus limiting the visibility.

  • Lower radiation levels

Digital dental x-rays are gaining popularity because they require lower radiation exposure compared to the traditional ones. The technology is thus safer because it reduces x-ray radiation exposure which may increase chances of getting cancer.

  • It offers a comfortable experience.

Traditional x-rays utilize films that are very small and thus very comfortable.  Digital sensors on the other hand are more thicker and may not be as comfortable for some patients.  Digital sensors come in different sizes to allow for a comfortable experience.

  • Quick

Digital dental X-rays are incredibly fast. The image shows up on the screen as soon as the x-ray is exposed.  With traditional x-rays, the films have to be taken to a special darkroom where they are developed and fixed before they can be used to diagnose.

  • Better storage

Dental facilities equipped with digital dental x-rays can easily store the images taken since they are in digital format. They can be stored indefinitely without much hassle, which is more efficient and convenient than stacking films in the chart in the office. It is very efficient and convenient compared to the traditional system, where the dentist would have to spend time looking through the different films trying to locate a certain x-ray image in the files. They also use a lot of space in the office, which is not the case with digital dental x-rays.


Digital dental x-rays have tons of benefits for the patients, dentists, and the environment. If you have a problem in the mouth that needs to be diagnosed, contact our office for New Westminster dental X-rays.

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