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Not All Vancouver Dentists are the Same

At the Asante Dental Centre, we strive to be one of the very best Vancouver Dentists with the latest technology and some of the world’s best-qualified, most experienced dentists working today.
Our treatments and check-ups are based around state-of-the-art dental laser technology. It’s equipment 90% of Vancouver dentists simply don’t have access to and it’s just one of the ways we go above and beyond to offer top patient care.

Our Vancouver Dentists Offer Variety of Services

Our DIAGNOdent laser, for example, can quickly, painlessly and effectively scan your entire mouth to locate and detect all kinds of problem areas. Best of all, it doesn’t run the risk of spreading issues with invasive metal tools. We even include a VELscope oral cancer screening as part of routine check-ups, and it just takes a couple of minutes!

Best of all, we only charge standard guide prices for all our check-ups and treatments, so you’re guaranteed an inexpensive, first-rate service whenever you visit. We know the importance of a ‘winning smile’ – it’s not just about looking great, but about feeling confident too. That’s why we offer the very best Invisalign braces – they’re comfortable, subtle, understated and look and feel a million times better than their unsightly metal counterparts.

We offer teeth whitening, veneers and treatments for those with protruding or crooked teeth, as well as mending narrow or ‘gummy’ smiles, masking darker teeth and changing the length and shape of teeth.
For those with single or even multiple missing teeth, we often recommend dental implants. These are safe and very well-tolerated and make dramatic improvements to your facial structure and smile. They’re also great for anyone with loose or ill-fitting dentures, where they provide functional ability and confidence.

At Asante, our environment is family-friendly and relaxed and our experienced, qualified dentists will take good care of you. However, we know not everyone relishes a trip to the dentist and that’s why we have mild sedative pills or laughing gas for anyone feeling a little nervous. Our opening times are tailored to suit you and we’re flexible for those with busy, hectic weeks or for those who can’t come in before 5pm. Of course, if there’s a dental emergency we’ll have you covered, even if it’s outside of business hours.