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I just had my first cleaning at Asante Dental in Yaletown. My teeth are all shiny and clean and it didn’t hurt a bit. I was so happy to find a dentist, close to my new digs, who understood my fears (I think I will take them up on the sedation or laughing gas when I need my next filling). As an added bonus I’m getting some neat whitening treatments. Thanks Asante!

Dr. Shivji is an extremely professional dentist. I was impressed by his proactive approach in screening for conditions such as oral cancer. He is very thorough in his examinations and also has built a good network of connections with other oral hygiene specialists. I always feel very confident that my dental health is carefully looked after by Dr. Shivji.

What a GREAT experience! Dr. Shivji used a laser for my filling and I didn’t even need an injection. I needed to get in urgently to see a dentist and was not able to get in to see my regular dentist. I had no idea that a laser can be used for dental treatments until now. Dr. Shivji took a digital x-ray and then took his time to explain the procedure to me and having the option to no have an injection made me happy. I was nervous at first but didn’t feel a thing. I will definitely be making a swtich for me and my family to see Dr. Shivji as Asante Dental. I also loved the fact that the office has large windows and as I was getting my filling, I didn’t feel like I was trapped in a back room. I could see the beautiful views of Yaletown from the dentist chair – again this was very different than what I experienced at my old dentist. Check them out for sure!

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