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The team at Asante Dental Centre in Vancouver knows how anxious you are about dental visits. Our goal is to provide dental care with a gentle touch.  We provide a comfortable environment for our patients. Where possible we use a dental laser instead of a traditional drill. The laser can fix cavities quickly without needing freezing in a lot of cases. Imagine a quick visit to the dentist with no freezing. Where freezing is needed, we use Vibraject that helps reduce the discomfort associated with the injection.

If you feel anxious or even scared when sitting in the chair, we’ve got what you need. Our approach is gentle. We’ll do what it takes to eliminate discomfort for your visit. You can even enjoy catching up on your favourite show while getting your treatment done in the dental chair.  If our gentle approach isn’t enough, we can calm your nerves with oral sedation or even laughing gas. It’ll be like you were never here.

Variety of Dentist Hours for Your Convenience

We offer varied hours throughout the week so that you can find the most convenient time for you. Need to come in before or after work? We have early morning and evening hours. And you can bet if there’s ever an emergency, we’re only a phone call away. Apart from our Vancouver dentistry clinic, We also have a second location in New Westminster for your needs.

We’d love to have you come in for a visit. Meet our wonderful staff and have a look around. Make a connection with our family-friendly dentists in Vancouver. To find out more about the office or to book a consultation with one of our friendly doctors, call us today at 604-224-6262.

Dental Implant Videos

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