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Wisdom Tooth Removal in New Westminster, BC

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The average patient develops their wisdom teeth during their late teen or early twenties. They erupt behind the second molars and are the last adult teeth to develop. Wisdom teeth often erupt partially or fully under the gums or grow at odd angles as there is normally very little room left in the oral cavity at this stage.

Our dentists near you can extract wisdom teeth safely and painlessly. We also work with oral surgeons and may refer you to a specialist when necessary.

When Should You Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal?

It may be better to extract wisdom teeth when they are unable to develop into proper chewing positions. When wisdom teeth have partially erupted from the gums, food particles may become trapped between the tooth and gum tissue, resulting in decay or infection in the gums. The decay can also lead to cavity formation in the wisdom tooth or surrounding teeth.

Alternatively, there could be inflammation in the surrounding bone, which may eventually destabilize or loosen neighbouring teeth. Wisdom teeth removal in New Westminster, BC, may be particularly recommended if the patient has worn braces. In this case, removing the wisdom teeth may be necessary to create more room to prevent orthodontic relapse.

Retaining decayed or impacted wisdom teeth may also lead to formation of cysts, resulting in damage to the surrounding bone. It’s best to consult our dentists at Asante Dental Centre before the problem deteriorates and affects your overall health.

Do You Need Wisdom Tooth Removal?

If the wisdom tooth is not visible, it may mean that the tooth is impacted. Our dentists in New Westminster, BC, will perform a detailed evaluation before determining if your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. We will take x-rays to confirm the tooth’s location, the extent of damage to the surrounding tissue and bone, the proximity to nerves as well as the number of tooth roots.

An impacted wisdom tooth may result in:

  • Pain or tenderness, especially when you chew or feel the area with your tongue
  • An unpleasant taste at the back of the mouth
  • Swollen gum tissue

If you suspect that a decayed or impacted wisdom is causing trouble, please schedule a consultation at Asante Dental Centre today.

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