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Teeth Whitening in New Westminster, BC

Teeth Whitening

We are excited that you’re considering a smile rejuvenation at Asante Dental Centre. Our practice is passionate about improving our patients’ oral health.

Thousands of Canadians get their teeth professionally whitened every year. Please call our team of dentists near you for a tooth whitening appointment today.

Why Consider Teeth Whitening Treatment

Stains and discolorations can ruin the appearance of our teeth and make us feel self-conscious. Teeth whitening can help boost your self-esteem and enthusiasm and make you more self-confident during social and professional interactions. Call Asante Dental Centre for teeth whitening before a wedding, graduation, party, or holiday for a more brilliant smile.

Why Does Our Smile Become Discoloured?

Teeth may lose their natural white color over time due to various reasons. Excessive consumption of staining foods may lead to external discoloration of the enamel and seep into the dentin layer below. Once the stain penetrates the inner layer, it results in internal discoloration of the tooth.

Our team of dentists in New Westminster, BC  can whiten your teeth using home bleaching or in-office Philips® Zoom! teeth whitening treatments.

Most patients are eligible to get their teeth whitened. In some cases, home bleaching is the recommended treatment while in others, the in-office solution may be a better choice. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you may need treatment to address the problem before we can bleach your teeth.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

The duration and number of teeth whitening sessions depend on the degree of staining to be removed, the type of treatment and the desired results. Every patient has unique needs, and our dentists will first make a detailed assessment before starting treatment. For most patients, one in-office session of about 90 minutes is sufficient. However, some patients at Asante Dental Centre may need follow-up treatments.

At-home and over-the-counter teeth whitening products take longer to produce uniform and consistent results. Please contact our dentists for faster, better, and easier teeth whitening in New Westminster, BC.

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