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Same-Day Crowns in New Westminster, BC

Same-Day Crowns

Have you broken a tooth just before an important family function or job interview? Same-day crowns are ideal for patients who prefer getting their restorations immediately.

How Do Same-Day Crowns Differ from Traditional Dental Crowns?

When you get same-day crowns, you need only one appointment at Asante Dental Centre. After the crown is prepared, we design and mill your zirconia crown in our office. After the crown is milled we can polish it and cement it the same day.

Traditional crowns, on the other hand, require at least two visits. After the tooth is prepared for the crown, we can take an intraoral scan or impression of the tooth and send these to our laboratory. Our technician then works on making either a gold, zirconia or porcelain crown as needed. This process can take 2 to 3 weeks to prepare the permanent dental crown. The second step involves the removal of the temporary crown and cementation of the permanent crown on the tooth.

How You Can Benefit from Same-Day Crowns

The interim period between receiving a temporary crown and waiting for the permanent one can be a challenge for some patients. You may need to be more careful with chewing and biting, and the prepared tooth may cause sensitivity as the temporary crowns are usually not as well fitting as the permanent ones.

While having your tooth restored in a single day is the biggest advantage of same-day crowns near you, there are additional benefits too:

Immediate Restoration of Chewing and Speaking Functions

Same-day crowns in New Westminster, BC, can help restore chewing and speaking functionalities in just one day. You don’t need to struggle with a broken tooth or a temporary restoration for weeks until your smile is fixed.

Prevents Freezing the Tooth Twice

When you have to come back another time to get the permanent crown, you may need to get frozen again the second time which you would not if you got the crown inserted the day it was prepared.

Please contact Asante Dental Centre for same-day crowns that fit accurately and comfortably.

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