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Root Canal Therapy in New Westminster, BC

Root Canal Therapy

Do you suspect that you need root canal treatment for a painful tooth? Our practice at Asante Dental Centre has helped hundreds of patients find pain relief through root canal therapy.

If you experience tooth pain, please contact our dentists near you for an assessment to see if you need a root canal treatment.

What Causes Root Canal Infection?

The main reason for root canal infection is oral bacteria that attack tooth pulp. Bacteria can infect the nerve due to different reasons:

  • Caries or decay can weaken the tooth enamel and allow bacteria to invade the nerve.
  • The tooth is fractured or cracked, and the bacteria are able to access the nerve through the crack.
  • An avulsed tooth which is a tooth that is knocked out from the socket and placed back in may result in bacterial infection.
  • Trauma from repeated dental treatments or deep fillings.

How Do You Know You Need Root Canal Therapy?

A toothache may not necessarily indicate the need for a root canal. However, certain types of tooth pain may be signs of an infected root canal:

  • Intermittent or pulsing pain
  • Pain that changes with posture or pressure
  • Pain that is intensified by heat or cold

Along with pain, the patient may experience swelling, tenderness, or darkening of the infected area. Additional symptoms could include bad breath, pus, or a persistent boil on the site. Please contact our team of dentists for an appointment to assess and diagnose in case of any discomfort, pain, or sensitivity.

What Happens If You Postpone Treatment?

Postponing root canal therapy in New Westminster, BC may result in excruciating pain and increase the risks of permanent loss. Our dentists at Asante Dental Centre use local anaesthetic to keep the tooth numb and prevent you from feeling pain during the procedure. If the apprehension of pain has been holding you back from getting root canal treatment, we can also use laughing gas or sedative pills to help you relax.

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