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Dental Fillings in New Westminster, BC


Do you have a hole in your tooth where food gets stuck? Do you have pain when you eat something sweet? If you answered yes, you may have a cavity and need a filling. Fillings can help improve the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth. Our team of dentists near you place fillings in the decayed tooth to repair the damaged tooth and prevent the spread of cavities.

Why Are Fillings Necessary?

Fillings in New Westminster, BC can be used to fix a variety of problems:

Fillings Can Seal Even the Smallest of Cavities: Patients may have tiny holes in the tooth that may not cause any pain or discomfort. But if these are not sealed properly, dental plaque can accumulate in these areas.

Cavities are formed when oral bacteria feed on food sugars in dental plaque and produce acid that can attack the enamel. Bacteria can degrade the tooth structure and cause cavity formation.

They Are Used to Repair Chipped or Fractured Teeth: Our dentists at Asante Dental Centre can repair a fractured tooth by using fillings. A tooth that is fractured and not repaired may get more sensitive over time.

Fillings Can Restore Loss of Tooth Structure: If the tooth enamel has been lost, fillings can be used to repair the missing structure.

How Are Fillings Placed?

If you’re having a tooth filled at Asante Dental Centre, the procedure will usually be as follows:

First, our dentists will administer local anesthesia to numb the area by using numbing gel and a gentle injection. Once the area is numb, our dentists in New Westminster, BC will drill out the infected or defective tooth material.

After the tooth is prepared, the filling will be bonded in place using a special adhesive and a special light will be used to cure it.

Once the filling is hardened, the dentist will adjust and polish the filling to make sure that it will be comfortable for you to bite on and chew with after the freezing wears off.

Getting timely fillings near you can prevent small cavities from getting larger and becoming more painful at a later stage.

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