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How Can Dental Sealants Help Your Child?

Given the increased risk of cavities in children, dental sealants have become an important part of their preventive dental care.

Molars and premolars may have deep grooves and fissures present when they erupt. Food particles can easily hide in these areas. Even with thorough brushing, there may still be plaque left behind in these areas. With time, this plaque leads to an increased risk of cavities, oral infections, and gum disease.

Dental sealants can be applied to these teeth to fill in the grooves and fissures and to make them smooth. The smooth surfaces can be easily cleaned with regular brushing and flossing.

About Sealants

A sealant is a thin coating applied on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to smoothen them. Sealants act as a protective barrier against plaque and bacteria buildup in the mouth. Applying sealants is easy, painless, and quick.

Dental Sealants Procedure

If you’re considering dental sealants for your child, visit a New Westminster dental clinic near you. The dentist will clean up the tooth to prepare it for the sealant application. The sealant is then bonded to the tooth.

As long as the sealants are intact, they protect your child’s teeth against plaque that cause cavities. A sealant can last for a long time before reapplication is needed. If a sealant is damaged, plaque and bacteria can slip under the sealant, eventually leading to decay. It is therefore essential that you have your kid’s sealants checked for damage regularly. If damaged, sealants can be reapplied as necessary to ensure maximum protection.

Benefits of Dental Sealants for Children

The likelihood of developing decay and cavities at a young age is significantly high. Especially if your child consumes a diet high in sugar and acidic foods and beverages, applying sealants is highly important. Sealants protect their teeth against plaque, significantly reducing the risk of cavities.

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