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Family Dentistry in New Westminster

Asante Dental Centre in New Westminster is a family dentist office. The office provides you and your family with cost-effective treatment and on-going dental care for great, healthy smiles.

Good family dental health begins with proper oral hygiene. Although brushing and flossing properly as well as maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are very important, sometimes even this isn’t enough. This is why regular dental check-ups are necessary because our dentists in New Westminster can see things that you might not even notice. We detect and treat problems early, before they have time to worsen and cause pain.

As part of your routine check-up at Asante Dental Centre, we carry out an oral cancer exam. We also examine your teeth and gums to ensure periodontal health. Periodontal disease is disease of the tissues surrounding the teeth. If these tissues are unhealthy and left unchecked, the teeth may start to become loose and start hurting, and eventually lead to tooth loss.

For a brilliant smile, we also provide safe, effective teeth-whitening solutions, and always advise our patients on the very best ways to maintain great-looking teeth. Things like using the right toothpaste, teaching you how to brush and floss properly, advising you on a healthy diet, as well as counselling you on quitting smoking are all aspects of good dental care. The team at Asante Dental Centre have the knowledge and experience to advise you on all of these and more. Contact Us