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Cosmetic Dentistry in New Westminster

At Asante Dental Centre, we provide cosmetic dentistry services in New Westminster BC to bring out your best smile. Thanks to modern materials and technology, your appearance and smile can be dramatically improved using various procedures at our office including teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, veneers and crowns.

We offer treatment for a range of problem areas including straightening crowded or protruded teeth and closing gaps; masking dark teeth, or widening narrow smiles and changing the length and even the shape of teeth with bonding or veneers; protecting heavily filled teeth with crowns, and using lasers to reduce ‘gummy’ smiles.

We provide patient care in a comfortable, relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. If you have ever felt nervous about a visit to the dentist, ask about sedation options that are available. As Asante Dental Centre we can provide oral sedation with a pill that is taken an hour before your appointment. We can also provide laughing gas to help you relax.