Jun 8

The 10 Craziest Facts about Teeth

Every time you open your mouth, you’re exposing some of the strongest bones of your body to the world. As the best dentist Vancouver has to offer, Asante knows that it’s important not only to treat patients but also to educate them about their teeth. We are constantly amazed by your teeth, and after reading […]

May 18

Invisalign Dentist Vancouver—Your Key to the Perfect Smile!

The best dentist Vancouver has to offer is simply a phone call away. At Asante Dental we take great pride in our work and our passion to dentistry.  We know that the first thing that you see when meeting someone new is their smile, and first impressions are everything. We can give you the perfect […]

Mar 17

Oral Cancer Screenings at Vancouver Dentist

Oral Cancer is nothing to take lightly, although it is a rare occurrence almost 50,000 people in the U.S are diagnosed annually, with it being fatal for 20% of those diagnosed. Despite innovations in surgery and radiation treatment data shows that risk of death correlates directly with the stage at which the cancer is detected. […]

Mar 17

Wisdom Tooth Removal at Yaletown and New Westminster Dentist

Wisdom teeth, or as I referred to them, those big things in the back of my mouth that are starting to hurt, I’m not going to have them taken out, I will never have them taken out. You can’t make me! Eventually I was brought to my senses and had them removed. I was told […]