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What Are The Common Misconceptions About Dentures?

Dentures are an excellent and cost-effective restorative solution if you’ve lost a few or all of your teeth. Dentures consist of custom-made artificial teeth and gums that cover the gaps left by missing teeth. It gives you a beautiful, confident smile and improves your bite and speech functions.

Like many people, you might have heard good and bad things about dentures in the past. Some say dentures are uncomfortable, look unnatural, and easily fall off when speaking or eating.

Thanks to improvements in dentistry, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, dentures are made from quality materials and are customized to fit snugly in your mouth. Keep reading to learn more about the facts behind common denture myths and misconceptions.

Myths and misconceptions about Dentures

  • Dentures are unreliable and uncomfortable.

Dentures are reliable unless you invest in a low-quality denture or work with an inexperienced dentist. Cheaper dentures use less quality material and have minimal customization. It can cause them to feel uncomfortable, look unnatural, or break easily.

However, if you work with a highly qualified and experienced dentist or invest in quality dentures, you can expect good results. Quality dentures offer a perfect fit, comfort, natural appearance, and durability.

  • Dentures move around in the mouth.

Quality dentures should fit snugly over your teeth and gums and not move in the mouth when speaking or chewing. You can use denture adhesives to keep dentures in position. If your dentures move, they are ill-fitting, and you should consult your dentist for adjustments.

  • Dentures look fake or unnatural.

If you’ve seen someone with fake or unattractive dentures, they probably have a set of low-quality dentures made quickly with cheaper materials.

However, high-quality dentures use materials customized to match the specific shade of your natural teeth, gums, and skin tone. They also fit securely and perfectly in your mouth, offering a beautiful and natural smile. Many people might not even notice they aren’t your natural teeth.

Even better, dentures help lift your facial muscles and help improve facial sagging, wrinkles, and premature aging. Quality dentures give you a natural, bright, and youthful smile.

  • Dentures require high maintenance.

Caring for dentures is easy. While dentures are made from artificial materials and won’t develop cavities, they require excellent oral hygiene and care. Not cleaning your dentures or mouth can lead to a buildup of bacteria, plaque, and tartar on the denture and in the mouth. These deposits release toxic acids that erode your teeth and irritate your gums, causing sores, sensitivity, bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Besides cleaning your dentures and mouth at least twice daily, you should visit a dentist near you for routine dental checkups. You must handle your dentures with care. Dentures can easily break if dropped or exposed to heat. When handling your dentures, always keep them moist, avoid hot water, and avoid abrasive dental products.

  • Dentures will dislodge when talking and eating.

Quality dentures should fit snugly over your mouth and don’t move when speaking or eating. However, talking or eating might feel weird or difficult when you begin wearing dentures. However, this is only temporary, and you should get used to eating and speaking with them naturally within about four weeks.

If your dentures regularly fall out when speaking or eating, they are most likely broken or loose. Our dentist in New Westminster can help re-adjust, repair, or replace them. Avoid very tough foods as they can cause your denture to dislodge or break.

  • It’s OK to wear dentures all the time.

It’s only OK to wear your dentures day and night if you have fixed dentures. You should only wear dentures for several hours, probably during the day, and remove them when sleeping. Removing dentures when sleeping allows your gums and mouth to rest and reduces your risk of mouth sores and gum infections.

  • All dentures are generic.

While there are some generic dentures, quality ones are custom-made according to your mouth structure. Therefore, they provide excellent fit and comfort. Generic dentures are often ill-fitting, uncomfortable, unnatural, and can easily fall off.

  • Dentures stain more easily than natural teeth.

Most quality dentures contain quality and stain-resistant material. However, they can stain over time, especially when exposed to staining ingredients regularly. Unfortunately, once they stain, they can’t be whitened by bleaching. You may need to have them replaced.

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