Top 5 Benefits of Fluoride Treatment
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Top 5 Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Everyone is aware of the importance of fluoride treatment for children. However, fluoride treatment for adults remain neglected, although dentists and the Canadian Dental Association recommend regular fluoride treatments are beneficial for anyone regardless of age.

This article describes the top five benefits of fluoride treatment that patients of all ages can appreciate. Read on to learn more about the advantages of fluoride treatments.

Advantages of Fluoride Treatment You Cannot Ignore

  1. Enamel Protection

The best-known feature of fluoride treatments is fluoride’s ability to offer enamel protection to the teeth, making them less vulnerable to tooth decay. Drinking acidic beverages frequently can cause enamel erosion making it susceptible to breaking down. In addition, enamel erosion causes your teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures making it challenging to have a warm coffee or a chilled drink.

When you have acidic drinks such as lemon juice, tomato juice, orange juice, apple juice, etc, the enamel erosion causes extreme sensitivity and unpleasantness in the mouth. Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and getting in-office fluoride treatments from the dentist helps strengthen your tooth enamel. More importantly, fluoride protects against the erosion of the tooth enamel to reduce tooth sensitivity.

  1. Remineralizing Your Teeth

Acidic beverages can damage your teeth, causing enamel erosion. Fluoride treatments help restore calcium and phosphorus vital to your teeth. Losing calcium and phosphorus in your teeth can have disastrous consequences.

Fluoride treatments can reverse the damage by providing your teeth with the essential minerals in the remineralizing process. Therefore, remineralizing your teeth becomes critical if you wish to maintain strong and healthy teeth.

  1. Preventive Measure against Tooth Decay and Cavities

You have approximately 700 species of bacteria in your mouth, most of them remaining harmless on most occasions. However, when you consume sugary and starchy foods and neglect brushing and flossing, you enable the bacteria to break down the carbohydrates and produce acids that help break down tooth enamel. The breaking down of the enamel is harmful to the teeth, especially when you neglect fluoride treatments from the dental clinic in New Westminster.

When you receive fluoride treatments from dentists, use fluoride toothpaste, and drink fluoridated water, you will reduce your likelihood of experiencing tooth decay or cavities. Make sure to prioritize getting fluoride treatment in New Westminster for yourself and your entire family as recommended by the dentist.

  1. Fluoride Treatments Can Save You Money

You may think going to the dentist to receive fluoride treatments is a waste of money. However in this case prevention is so much cheaper than cure. By preventing cavities in your mouth, you are less likely to require expensive fillings from dentists. Fluoride treatments also help you avoid unnecessary visits to dentists complaining of sensitivity issues you could comfortably have prevented by receiving fluoride treatments from the dentist in your neighborhood. Using fluoride treatments is an excellent technique to ensure you have healthy teeth and a preventive measure to avoid expensive dental treatments.

  1. Natural Preventive Measure against Cavities

If you live in an area where community fluoride water is available, your teeth benefit from drinking tap water. When you combine fluoride toothpaste with the drinking water, your teeth benefit further from receiving additional fluoride. Getting six monthly fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office further strengthens your tooth enamel. Unfortunately Vancouver does not have fluoride in its water supply meaning that you have to seek this out.

Now that you understand the benefits of fluoride treatment, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your dentist to inquire about available fluoride treatment options for you and your family.

Asante Dental Centre provides fluoride treatments in New Westminster. If you haven’t had fluoride treatment in a while, make sure to schedule your appointment with the practice today to receive the benefits offers without further delay.