May 1

Snoring and Dental Health: Here’s What You Need to Know

People are often surprised to discover that snoring can actually lead to a special trip to the dentist Vancouver. Your sleeping habits can have a major impact on your physical health, and that includes your teeth. From grinding to snoring, you may not know you’re doing it, but your dental health could be impacted. In […]

Apr 1

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can result from a number of causes. Some may include: -Eating or drinking strong-smelling or spicy foods and drinks -Issues with teeth or gums, including gum disease or infection -Dieting in a way that disrupts your normal eating habits -Certain medical conditions such as acid reflux -Smoking These are all common causes of […]

Feb 20

Top 6 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by dentists today. Teeth whitening treatment gives you a bright, white smile that you are proud to show off. Whether you have talked to your Yaletown dentistry experts about the procedure or not, here are the top six reasons you should consider having […]

Feb 12

Top 5 Reasons to Not Put Off a Root Canal

When most people visit their dentist Vancouver, they don’t expect to leave their annual exam with another appointment for a root canal. Some people may be tempted to put off the procedure. Although root canals aren’t always the most enjoyable, there is a reason your dentist may recommend you have one right away. Here are the […]