7 Reasons You Should Choose Dental Implants
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7 Reasons You Should Choose Dental Implants

When replacing lost teeth, dental implants offer an ideal solution to restore your smile and oral functionality. Compared to alternative restorative treatments such as bridges and dentures, dental implants provide a more lasting, stable, and natural solution.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants consist of titanium posts or screws that are inserted surgically into the underlying jawbone of the missing teeth. The implant seeks to replace the roots of the missing tooth. Once the implants bond with the underlying jawbone, a permanent crown can be placed over the implant to restore function.

Depending on the condition of the underlying jawbone and gums, you can have immediate or traditional dental implants. With immediate dental implants, the extraction and implant surgery are performed in a single appointment.

For traditional implants, you’ll have to wait until the area has healed. If you don’t have enough jawbone, you may also undergo bone grafting before placing the implant. For dental implants near you, contact Asante Dental Centre (New Westminster).

Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

If you’re still wondering why dental implants are essential, here are 7 reasons:

  1. Dental Implants Function like Natural Teeth

Since the implants fuse with the jawbone of the missing tooth, they feel and look like natural teeth. When a crown is placed over them, they’re not distinct from your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, implants are more stable and won’t slip or fall out when chewing or speaking. Dental implants are worth considering when it comes to eating, talking, and smiling with confidence.

  1. Improved Facial and Bone Function

When a tooth is removed, the underlying jawbone tends to deteriorate due to a lack of chewing activity. This leads to bone weakening and loss, which consequently causes the facial muscles to collapse, leading to facial sagging and premature aging. When an implant replaces a tooth, the jawbone structure is preserved, allowing your facial muscles to remain normal. Overall, it prevents facial sagging, thinning lips, wrinkles, and premature aging.

  1. Protects the Remaining Teeth

When a tooth is taken out, the underlying bone can weaken due to lack of stimulation. By retaining the bone integrity and density of the underlying bone, an implant keeps the rest of your oral structures stable.

Furthermore, placing an implant doesn’t require support from adjacent teeth. Therefore, no teeth reduction is needed, thus preserving the health of your natural teeth.

Similarly, when an empty socket is left on the mouth, the adjacent teeth begin to shift toward the space, causing misalignments. Replacing teeth with implants prevents the neighboring teeth from moving or shifting from their rightful position.

  1. Implants Improve Your Oral and Overall Health

With a missing tooth in your mouth, food particles, bacteria, and other debris can easily collect in the space, which can be hard to clean. With an implant, you’ll have a complete set of teeth, improving your oral hygiene and health.

Similarly, since the implant is artificial, they are resistant to decay. By promoting good oral health and hygiene, your overall health is also protected. According to studies, poor oral hygiene and health can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

  1. Ease of Maintenance

Once the implant bonds with the underlying jawbone, it functions and feels like natural teeth. To care for it, you only have to keep up with your usual oral hygiene routine. You won’t need any special dental products or tools to care for your implants. Unlike dentures, implants don’t need to be removed when sleeping or cleaning, making them convenient. Besides an at-home dental routine, you should see your dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings.

  1. No Diet Restrictions

The implant fuses with the bone and gum tissue. Once a crown is placed, you can go back to enjoying your favorite foods. Your oral functionality is restored, allowing you to chew and eat normally.

  1. Long-Lasting

Unlike alternative restoration treatments, dental implants offer a permanent solution to lost teeth. If well placed and cared for, implants can serve you for a lifetime. On average, dental implants last for more than 20 years.

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