Worried that your teeth appear yellow and dingy when you smile? While it’s normal to prefer that your smile consist of white, vibrant teeth, having yellow or discoloured teeth doesn’t necessarily mean that your teeth are unhealthy or that your oral hygiene is lacking. Here are four myths and truths that you need to know about yellow teeth.

Myth: Healthy Teeth are Naturally Bright White

The colour of your teeth isn’t an indicator as to whether they’re healthy. While plaque build-up can amplify yellow hues in your teeth, having these yellow tones doesn’t mean your teeth are unhealthy.

Some people have thinner enamel or enamel that isn’t stark white; your teeth will naturally appear slightly yellow, even with vigilant brushing and flossing.

Fact: Tea and Coffee Can Stain Your Teeth

Unfortunately, both tea and coffee can stain or discolour your teeth. The darker the blend, the more likely it will cause staining.

To minimize beverage-related staining, drink water or rinse your mouth out after enjoying a cup of tea or coffee to remove any liquid residue from your teeth.

Myth: A Straw Prevents Staining from Your Dark-coloured Beverages

A straw won’t prevent your favorite dark-coloured beverages from staining your teeth. After the liquid comes out of the straw, it still goes inside of your mouth, where it coats your teeth before you swallow.

Fact: You Have Options for Brightening Your Teeth

Regular dental cleanings will help minimize discolouration by removing plaque that can worsen tooth stains. If you’re interested in a more dramatic alternative, there are cosmetic dentistry treatments that assist with teeth whitening.

Whitening and home bleaching is a safe alternative for brightening your teeth. Or, if you also want to change the shape of some of your teeth, Lumineers or porcelain veneers can help you do so.

Avoid over-the-counter at-home whitening products, as they’re not as effective or safe as procedures provided by your dentist.

How to Learn More About Your Options for Teeth Whitening

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